Sudin Baraokar

Sudin Baraokar is an Emerging Tech Innovator having served in Barclays, SBI, IBM, and GE. Currently serves as IT and Innovation Advisor to Global Banks and Fintechs and Chairs the Bankchain Alliance which is established to collaborate and co-develop Blockchain Solutions for 30+ Global Banks. Sudin has Worked on 70+ Technologies and Platforms, Emerging Tech, Blockchain, AI, Digital Evangelist, Automation, Architect, and Strategist. Advised on Building Digital Banks, Digital Payment Ecosystems, Fintech Services Digital Superstore using Blockchain and Digital Technologies. Developed Services for Money Payments, Collection, and Lending.

Sudin has worked on Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, SMB Lending, Credit Cards, Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisition, Trade Finance, Insurance and Wealth Management. He is an advisor to Global Banks on Blockchain Models, use Cases, Architecture, Pilots and Solutions, Blockchain Fabrics.