Jos Dirkx is an award-winning media and communications advisor, international public speaker, creative strategist and world-traveller. Originally from The Netherlands, Jos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has since lived in twelve countries across the world, having visited near 100.  She is the MD of a creative communications agency and is passionate about telling world-changing stories: whether through the arts, by creating content that challenges the status quo, through her global speaking engagements or through the award-winning not-for-profit organization Girls & Football SA she founded in South Africa. Her background in theatre and the arts, combined with economics and technology, fuels her passion to merge education, creativity and EdTech.


Jos has delivered two TEDx talks, founded an award-winning not-for-profit organization, has written two books and is the co-founder of a mobile health app. She has spent time in South Sudan and Eritrea with the United Nations and has led workshops and trainings across Africa, the Middle East and North America.


Jos is currently based in Dubai, the UAE, and works across London, Johannesburg and New York with various global clients on creative communications through technology, communications and strategy.  She has most recently published her second book, “Girls Do Good”, an AR infused EdTech print and digital learning journey that tells the stories of real-life superheroes. “Girls Do Good” will be published in both English and Arabic.