Abdullah Faeez

Abdullah Faeez is the CFO and Co-Founder of LuxTag, a blockchain startup that focuses on creating digital twins for physical products on the blockchain, mainly for product authentication, proof-of-ownership, track & trace, transparency and business insights. He was previously the Vice President of NEM Malaysia Association. NEM is a blockchain platform that allows quick and easy development of smart assets on the blockchain and one of the top 20 largest cryptocurrency in the world. In a professional corporate background, he was previously working in the financial services industry mainly in banking, financial advisory, digital strategy and innovation. He holds a Masters Degree in Finance from ICMA Centre, Henley Business School and Bachelors Degree in Actuarial Science from UKM. He have 4 years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, starting as a miner in 2013, subsequently a researcher, trader, advocate and now a startup founder