SIA Partners

Sia Partners is an independent management & operational strategy consulting company, organized around the following Business Units: Energy & Environment, Financial Services, Transportation & Industry, Telecommunications, Actuarial Sciences, and Human Resources.

A pioneer of ‘Consulting 4.0,’​ Sia Partners is a unique management consulting firm. The group has an international presence with 20 offices, more than 1200 consultants, and a projected revenue of 200 million euros (2018/2019). It is run by an international management team and organized as a partnership.

Through unparalleled industry expertise, Sia Partners delivers superior value and tangible results for its clients. Our innovative approach has allowed us to welcome the disruption of AI, invest in the Data Science field, and develop consulting bots. As the economy has transitioned into a new stage of digital transformation, we have adapted our solutions to incorporate the three components integral to the ‘Cognitive Leap:’​ Artificial Intelligence management techniques; massive Digital Platforms, like quantum computing; and Immersive Experience deployment, such as augmented or virtual reality. It is in this perspective that we have coined the concept of ‘Consulting 4.0.’​

From its conception, Sia Partners has adhered to the following missions:

  • Offer solid, value-creating advice based on profound analyses of our clients’​ businesses (competitive developments, regulatory impacts, and organizational redesigns)
  • Promote the management consulting ‘pure player’​ model, remaining independent from the IT industry
  • Gradually develop the company sector by sector, ever in the pursuit of excellence

Convinced of the relevance of its positioning, Sia Partners boasts strong development and aims to become a leading independent management consulting company in Europe.