Some great ideas are created in a garage. Others in a dorm room, or over a pizza. Some form like the perfect wave. ServiceNow is a great idea created at the beach—San Diego, 2004, to be exact – a little south of Silicon Valley, by founder Fred Luddy and a small tribe of techies and surfers.
Fred believed that getting simple stuff done at work shouldn’t be so hard, and that the complex stuff should be easier to manage. He envisioned a world where anyone could create workflows that worked for—not against—them. So they built ServiceNow, a cloud based platform that simplifies the way work gets done and crated the fastest-growing enterprise software company in the process.
Today, every enterprise is becoming a technology company, creating unprecedented challenges, opportunities, and complexity. ServiceNow lets them run smarter, faster, better, and it helps people spend their time on work that’s meaningful, not menial.
Because work shouldn’t be so hard. It should feel like riding a wave.
That’s ServiceNow. We make work flow.