RedWave Energy is developing technology and building a company to convert low quality industrial waste heat to electricity at disruptive efficiency and price points. RedWave’s technology is specifically designed to harvest low quality waste heat below 250°c that represents the most abundant source in an underserved market. Waste heat is generated by many industrial uses ranging from cement manufacturing to electric power generation plants. RedWave has identified electric power generation plants in the US alone as a $136 billion defined target market. The strategic end user and partner interest have been expressed in electric generation, flat glass manufacturing, glass container manufacturing, integrated circuit manufacturing and others.

In addition, RedWave is currently exploring sophisticated Terahertz detection capabilities enabled by the same technology platform being developed for energy harvesting. An example of this is the ability to precisely target and detect specific methane gas signatures on a standoff basis.

The nanoantenna based technology is built from exclusively licensed and patent protected IP from Idaho National Labs, University of Colorado and a premier roll to roll manufacturing firm MicroContinuum. The Chicago based company led by a management team with previous IPO success is Series A and B funded by Energy Foundry, EnerTech Holding, Lakebridge Capital, Bluehaven Initiative, and private investors. Additional funding is provided by a $3.58 million ARPA-E award. A recently closed Series B is still open for additional participation.