Masdar Building Materials

Riyadh 11499

PO Box 40444

Saudi Arabia

T:  +966 920009071

F: +966 11 829 3301



With a vision to secure the foremost position among all building materials companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Masdar provides customers with the largest range of building materials through the biggest network of distribution and retail outlets in the Kingdom, while satisfying the increasing needs of its customers by providing high quality products and services.

Masdar’s main activities revolve around selling all kinds of building materials, explicitly concrete steel, commercial steel, timber and timber products as well as insulation materials. Masdar’s affiliates are also involved in trading stabilisers, fittings, doors accessories, and tools such as door handles, door hinges, and other consumable products including glue, paints, locks, screws, tools and gadgets.

During the past three years, the articles that Masdar and its affiliates have dealt in has increased from 88,000 to 105,000. All these articles are channeled through Masdar’s 186 branches scattered all over the Kingdom.