Elm is a Saudi joint-stock company owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). Our company develops creative and modern digital solutions, delivered electronically through various channels, in line with our commitment to accelerate the development of a knowledge-based economy in step with today’s digital world. We deploy integrated electronic services designed to meet the requirements of both the private and government sectors. We can also manage electronic services on behalf of our clients to enable them further to enhance their provided services, either directly or through secure electronic portals.

Elm ensures that it selects and retains the best team possible. We carefully screen innovative and promising talents capable of coming up with unique ideas and putting them into practice for the benefit of our customers.


8191 Takhassusi Road, Olaya
Riyadh 12333 – 3038
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

T. +966 11 288 7444
F. +966 11 288 7555