Anan Iskan offers world-class standard worker accommodation and unprecedented services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. A complete living environment where you can feel at home with dining, security, medical care and leisure options, the level of communal living that Anan Iskan provides is matched only by the attention of our dedicated and professional staff.

Governed by a set of standards and measured deliverables, we are confident our services will live up to your expectations. One of the pillars we stand for is being a human-centric organisation. Anan Iskan is committed to the wellbeing of workers and providing them with an enhanced lifestyle.

Our guiding values will reflect on our relationship with you, as we promise transparency in our dealings, quality in everything we offer and efficiency in our services.

Building 101 Sari Street
6th floor P.O. Box 126673
Jeddah 21352, Saudi Arabia

T +966 12 616 6710 Ext 112
F +966 12 616 6720