Vijaya Nath is the Director of Leadership Development at Leadership Foundation and leads a team who work on Leadership Development and related interventions and projects. The team’s aim is to enable leaders, managers and governors in higher education to manage and lead organisational and personal change and to enable the system’s capacity for identifying, nurturing and developing future leaders at a strategic level. Vijaya is the LFHE’s Director of Aurora its national and global womens’ leadership development programme.

She brings over 26 years of experience in developing leaders in the private and not-for-profit sector. For the past 18 years she has worked with leaders in health and care and medical sciences , in the four countries of the United Kingdom and internationally. She has significant experience in the design and development of innovative leadership programmes and senior organisational development consultancy.

As Director of Leadership Development at The King’s Fund, London, Vijaya established a portfolio of interventions including networks, open programmes and thought leadership in medical leadership. She also led The King’s Fund women Leadership Development programme Athena. She has led a number of international study tours that feature learning from health and non-health organisations that are leading-edge in quality innovation and leadership.

Vijaya has published and written a number of papers on Leadership Development and has influenced thought leadership in the areas of Medical Engagement, Quality Improvement in Health, Equality & Diversity, and the area of advancing Women in Leadership including enabling women to advance in Medicine and Sciences . She is a visiting professor at Milan’s SDA Bocconi School of Management and is a facilitator and chair for Windsor Leadership.

Vijaya was appointed as a Trustee of Windsor Leadership in 2017 and also serves as Chair on its Chairs and Facilitators Executive (CAFE).