Tracy is Managing Director of Diversitas Middle East. She is a senior Executive Coach and Assessor who has been working with leaders for more than 20 years in diverse cultural environments including Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She is also a panelist and keynote speaker on diversity & inclusion.

With a background in clinical, organisational and positive psychology, she is motivated to understand what makes diverse people thrive in their interpersonal and organisational networks. As head of Diversitas Middle East, she works with clients across geographies and industry sectors supporting diversity & inclusion, as well as strategic behavioural change in line with organisational goals. Her work includes benchmarking key behaviours through personality and cultural psychometric assessments as well as creating bespoke development programmes supported by 1:1 executive coaching. Through her expertise in diversity & inclusion and cultural intelligence she brings a wealth of cross-functional and crosscultural experience to her work.

Tracy has a B.Soc.Sci in Clinical Psychology and an honours in Psychopathology. She is Level A and B qualified in the use of psychometrics and is accredited on a number of other psychological tools, including work-based personality assessments and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). She is a member of and accredited as an Executive Coach with the British Association for Coaching (AC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also an accredited mediator (LEADR) and Level 2 Facilitator with the Cultural Intelligence Centre (US).