Marina Tirado is a lifelong learner who is passionate about creating a positive impact on people´s lives through education. She is a global  citizen  who  grew  up in  Spain,  South  Africa,  Saudi  Arabia, Morocco,  Japan,  and  USA  and  has worked  in  more  than  50  countries  worldwide. For  the  past  18 years she has  successfully  lead  diverse  challenging and  exciting  transformational  projects  in higher education institutions. 

In her current position as Executive Director for Executive Education at IE Business School she helps professionals, organizations and industries grow to their full potential and seize all the opportunities that this exciting new technological era has to offer.

She is also a professor at IE University where she teaches positive and purpose-driven leadership, human development and future of work skills.  Her research interests are in the fields of leadership, emotional intelligence, learning, and cognitive and behavioral development.