Tokeny connects smart investors with fast-growing blockchain companies. We are building an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ecosystem of partners and investors to help selected projects to raise funds and accelerate their user acquisition.

To do so, Tokeny is building the Most Advanced Token Crowdsale Platform: We help ambitious projects to run successful, secure and sustainable ICOs by providing end-to-end technical, legal and marketing solutions in a single offer. The platform brings automation and built-in best practices to ensure the success of the fundraising campaigns.

In January 2018 tokeny will conduct its own Token Generation Event and sell tokens (TOK) to a pool of investors interested in Blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies. Tokeny will be managing a large and diverse network of ICOs and investors in TOK will be able to purchase any ICO on the Tokeny network at a 50% discount per TOK owned. TOK investors will gain a great investing average by being able to purchase ICOs at this significant price discount.