KHC has cemented its position as the world’s foremost value investor. Our strategic emphasis is on identifying optimal opportunities to invest and realize value from underperforming or undervalued assets worldwide. It is this recognition of long-term potential that has secured KHC a leading position globally.

KHC sees great worth in specialist investment interests. As one of the world’s largest hotel investors, KHC have a portfolio of leading hotels and a majority interest in international hotel management companies.

KHC’s investment strategy is implemented across different markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and careful analysis of the local, regional and global market dynamics. We have an in-depth understanding of the most promising investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including consumer, education, energy, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, media and education, private equity, hospitality and aviation, real estate and technology.

In addition, KHC believes in the principle of constant business development, diversification and geographic expansion. As such, KHC’s business activities have expanded from the local market to cover extensive regional and global markets. The success of KHC’s strategy is well proven by our numerous projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. Many of these are innovative landmark projects reflecting KHC’s commitment to contribute to the growth of the national economy while consolidating our stature as an exceptional leading company in the global arena.

KHC’s investment strategy is founded on core investment principles:

  • Investment in high performance and leading brands
  • Long-term investment approach
  • Extract value from underperforming assets
  • Network of contacts