Asiembra Inc. is creating the most capable and innovative banking model in the US. The revolutionary innovation is achieved by introducing a few banking-industry-new mechanisms of 1) real-time regulatory compliance verification, 2) real-time global fund settlement, 3) real-time delivery international money transfer, and more. By creating the central hub fund settlement system under the bank license, the bank will position itself as a sole provider of real-time transaction fund settlement enabling FinTech driven global payment initiative evolve. The new banking model will also assist current payment service providers such as money transfer companies able to continue respective services that are being threatened by banks day by day in the US that lack operational capabilities in regulatory compliance and fund settlement for massive small transactions. The collective innovation will be achieved in succession of an existing bank in the US to secure a bank license and the newly invented banking system and mechanisms installed in it. The new bank has also an aim to provide concrete financial service solutions to 90+ million individuals in the US and global transnational families in needs who are currently not served by the mainstream banks.