Dr. Johannes Flecker is an artrepreneur, singer/songwriter and the founder of Sound Leadership. The company specialises in fostering innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset through music, thinking and storytelling. Johannes works for clients such as Boston Consulting Group, Fidelity, Swiss Innovation Forum and Delhivery Logistics India.

Johannes earned a doctoral degree in business at the University of Graz, Austria, and he graduated with the highest honors from Berklee College of Music Boston, MA. He has a decade of experience in management consulting and leads innovation projects for Fortune 100 firms. Johannes is a faculty member at the Applied Innovation Institute and advisory board member at Kaden Boriss legal and business strategists.

As a music producer, songwriter and vocalist, Johannes has performed at Boston Symphony Hall and at concerts in the US and Europe. He has won awards from the American Marketing Association, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the UK Songwriting Contest.