Enjy Kiwan has always been passionate about being a presenter. Her real aspiration lies in taking her audience on a journey to discover the true heritage and legacy of a brand, and share in their success and achievements. Before following her dreams, Enjy worked in the banking Industry for almost ten years as an investment analyst, financial editor, panel moderator, and event organizer. She worked in esteemed companies such as NBAD, Thomson Reuters and Menacorp. In 2013, in parallel to her banking career, she founded Rubabikia, a bespoke home décor boutique (@rubabikia).

In 2016, Enjy left her banking career to pursue her passion in presenting. She enrolled in a media academy to further develop her media and public speaking skills and since then has hosted and presented numerous events in fashion, sports, finance, children, wellness programs, and company events. Originally Egyptian, Enjy is based in Dubai where she was born and raised, is a mother of two boys, and has become a source of inspiration for trends, well-being and making a difference to her community. These aspects have quickly caught the attention of the biggest names in the fashion industry such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Roberto Cavalli and Mercedes-Benz; enabling her the opportunity to lead prestigious projects and partnerships with leading labels.