Dr Nadeem Alvi’s international work spans the US, Europe, Japan and the Middle East, where he has held senior executive positions with leading international companies such as Binzagr Group, Nitto Denko (Hitachi Group), 3M Company, SEMATECH, and GM Delco Electronics.

As Senior Vice President of Business Transformation at Binzagr Group, Dr Alvi is leading the FMCG operative to enhanced profitability and greater operational effectiveness as it drives to increase market share in the Middle East.  Dr Alvi’s successful reorganization of BFIM, an energy management company, firmly established OMREN’s reputation as a consultancy company specializing in emerging technology applications, growth strategies and business transformation in Saudi Arabia.

For Nitto Denko, Dr Alvi employed new technology and product platforms in renewable energy, nanomaterials, printed electronics, optical components, drug delivery, and medical devices generating new business revenues for the company exceeding $500M.  While at Nitto Denko, he was also recognized for his pivotal role in the opening of a new Market Center in India focused on Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Energy products; and, in the opening of a Technology Center in Singapore for MEMS and Integrated Sensor development.

As head of 3M’s Global Electronics Market Center, Dr Alvi was responsible for product development and launch, market and customer management, and strategic planning. He aggressively grew sales to $325M from new products.

Earlier in his career, Dr Alvi managed IC design and process development programs delivering integrated 0.25µm and 0.18µm technology solutions at Sematech and new IC lines for engine control functions at GM Delco Electronics.

Dr Alvi’s academic portfolio includes publications (more than fifty papers in refereed journals), patents and research disclosures (fifteen), and joint development agreements between industry and university partners (more than a hundred).

Dr Alvi is a graduate of Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India, where he received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics; of The University of Texas at Austin, Executive MBA Program; and, of Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, where he received a Doctoral Degree in Solid State Electronics.