Alice Hlidkova

Alice Hlidkova is a visionary, futurist, and blockchain consultant and writer, based in Chicago, USA. Alice founded her creative consulting agency, Through the Changing Glass LLC to advise tech startups on positioning and capital raise in Silicon Valley. She helped launch MetroLab Network, a Carnegie Mellon University startup that deploys technologies such as IOT applications, traffic sensors, and autonomous vehicle pilot programs to cities for testing (the organization received funding from the White House and was recognized by President Obama in the first 10 months of its inception).

In 2017 Alice joined the founding team of Pitch Investors Live, the only blockchain company for entrepreneurs and startups to pitch investors live, 24/7, via the app. Through her agency, Alice advises numerous blockchain companies including Women in Blockchain Impact Group WIBI and serves as the Strategic Partnerships Architect for leading blockchain news portal, Missblockchain. tech, where she is also featured as one of the main contributing writers.

She writes regularly for cryptocurrency and stock price research hub Blocktostock and consults with the following companies: Pacif-ic Software, Inc. (IBM Hyperledger solutions for Agriculture and Cannabis), Wings ( ICO forecast rating platform powered by predictive analytics), Mobotiq (autonomous vehicles pilot), Image Protect (AI solutions for digital advertising and copyright), and many more. She authored/co-authored over 200 articles on the blockchain industry for Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Talk, Merkle, Coinidol and Inc., and Forbes Magazines. Alice holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Carnegie Mellon University.