Adwa Alharthi is a Process Engineer currently in charge of the aromatics complex at SATORP, a Saudi Aramco/TOTAL joint venture.  She just completed SATORP’s first turnaround at the start of 2018, where she experienced on-sight night shift work. Due to this training, Adwa now holds the title of being the first Saudi female engineer to work on-site at an oil refinery.

Adwa’s work encompasses on-site plant equipment inspections and evaluations for performance quality, and modifications.  She currently provides monitoring and technical support of the Benzene and Paraxylene plants’ performance, production, and margin improvements.

Alharthi started her career with SATORP in 2014 as a junior process engineer. At this time, she was charged with overseeing all refinery fired heaters’ performance and energy optimization, a hands-on task in the field.

Alharthi completed a BSc in Chemical Engineering with honorsfrom RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and a High Diploma in Refining and Petrochemicals from French Institute of Petroleum (IFP).