This certified course is offered for the first time in the GCC countries and represents a unique opportunity to get access to the prestigious Innovation Management Certification, accredited by the respected Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). It will help you to start your journey towards innovation, teaching you about the use of idea generation, the tools needed, and how to apply them in creating more and better ideas.

Business innovation is a pervasive force in today’s fast changing environment. In fact, CEOs around the world recognize that business
innovation is not only a core driver for creating and capturing new business value, but it’s also the key to long-term business survival and success. Over the last decade, we have seen many impressive innovation breakthroughs in a range of industries. Despite such successes, innovation does not come easily. It is not enough to merely declare, “We want to be more innovative.” Putting innovation into practice is difficult, mostly because generating new and future growth opportunities is still a challenge, or we don’t know where to begin. This workshop is designed to build awareness, excitement and recognition for the importance of business innovation, and provide you a proven process to generate new and exciting growth opportunities inside your organization. By democratizing this process, every individual in an organization can now come up with meaningful and actionable innovation breakthroughs to drive their business into the future. With our learn-by-doing principle, attendees will go through an intensive two- to three-day hands-on learning workshop spaced with individual, pair and/or team breakout exercises. At the end of the workshop, individuals are now more equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to generate new growth opportunities for their organization.