Thanks to Naseba, this event has opened up a lot of business opportunities for me. I have met top executives – CEOs and directors. This was a great opportunity to meet them all in the same place on the same day – it would have never happened if I hadn’t attended this event.

– COO, Al Saggaf

COO, Al Saggaf

It’s an excellent opportunity for meeting the right people. They are unique, especially in the arrangement for the face to face meetings with the potential collaborators. We met with investors we will be doing business within the near future. The one-to-one format is good for raising capital.

– Mohamed Altasan, CEO, Azmeel Energy

Mohamed Altasan, CEO, AZMEEL ENERGY

Excellent job, you and your team should be proud of putting the meeting together. We already have three possibilities for a joint venture.

– Group Vice President, Rawabi Holding


The initiative to organise such a high-level summit definitely helps to uncover new opportunities. I look forward to following Naseba’s future activities.

– Chairman, Kingdom Holding Company

Chairman, Kingdom Holding Company

Naseba’s platforms provide the ideal setting for global and regional players to come together, talk, share ideas and attract investors to come to this region as the region grows.

– Fadi Ghandour, Chairman, Wamda Capital

Fadi Ghandour, Chairman, Wamda Capital

You have done all of the pre-work to shortlist people that are actually interested in what we do, so instead of me wasting my time with 300 people, I got 10 really good qualified meetings today.

– Lucy Beard, CEO, Feetz

Lucy Beard, CEO, Feetz

Being present in the region through our local office, clients, investors and partners such as Naseba has enabled us to learn the ins and outs of making business happen here. Like all startups, we were bootstrapping our capital raise process but ultimately decided to partner with Naseba to leverage their history and business network. They have access to information that many others don’t, which ultimately allowed us to achieve tangible outcomes in the region.

– Greg Simon, CEO and Co-Founder, Loyyal

Greg Simon, CEO and Co-Founder, Loyyal

The exceptionally well organised WIL forum supports you on so many levels. The quality and warm tone of the presentations plus the dynamic networking create a synergy of activities that lift you as a person, promote you professionally and inspire you to lean in, look up and give back.

ANJUM MALIK, Co-founder, Alhambra US Chamber

The story of P.N.C.Menon, the self-made billionaire, makes one believe that if it is to be someone, then it is up to me.

“If you start chasing money in any business, you will fail,” Menon declares. “Start chasing success- money is only a byproduct. This is my playing ground it’s not work”

– P.N.C. MENON Founder, Sobha Group

P.N.C. MENON Founder, Sobha Group