The expectations we had were met by this event. We have had great meetings. This was an orientation for us in the region and a way for us to get exposed to our clients. We appreciate all the hard work that went into the meetings and we look forward to working with Naseba as we move forward.

– CEO, United Country Real Estate

CEO, United Country Real Estate

It was a good event and added value. It opened a channel for us to target all investors. I have confirmed to attend your next capital raise meeting. Thank you.

– CEO, Mazaya Holding

CEO, Mazaya Holding

It was fantastic. We met high-quality investors who you were able to introduce, we received the background of the investors, we knew the issues that they were looking for so that allowed us to quickly get to the point of our value proposition with those investors.

– Dan Doney, CEO, Securrency

Dan Doney, CEO, Securrency

Historically I haven’t found these conferences to be worthwhile. It’s going to sound like I’m playing to the crowd but this is the only time that I have been to a platform that was worth it and that’s because the Naseba staff works so hard to make sure the meetings do happen to recruit spontaneous interest and turn that into a meeting, it’s been phenomenal. This platform has brought us enormously down the road for the appropriate set of potential investors.

– Joe Peterson, CEO, Sure Inc.

Joe Peterson, CEO, Sure Inc.

The best organised, most business beneficial, industry relevant platform in the Kingdom.

– Marketing Manager, IBM

Managing Manager, IBM

Summit has been a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with a lot of decision makers within the industry. We met many key customers.

– Cisco


I would definitely want to rate this event as a 10. It’s not just about the people who come in. Naseba has put together a wonderful team who have been more than supportive to the companies and they go to the best level possible to ensure we get the desired return on investment. You wouldn’t find their people sitting, they are typically everywhere to ensure you get more one-to-one meetings.

– Manager, Centre Operations, Koenig Solutions

Manager, Centre Operations, Koenig Solutions

Summit was excellent, it was well attended by enterprise and government allowing us to meet potential customers. We met with serious decision makers from throughout the country.

– Managing Director, BT Al Saudia

Managing Director, BT Al Saudia

I like the format. I think it is more personal. People are actually being targeted by their budgets and roles in the organisations so it doesn’t waste anybody’s time.

– CEO, Apply Financial read more

CEO, Apply FinancialCEO

Amazing people, amazing talent, amazing knowledge-sharing and very well organised.

– SVP & Head of IT, Sharjah Islamic Bank

SVP-Head of IT, Sharjah Islamic Bank