Nicholas was the first employee hired at Naseba in 2003.

He has been responsible for opening several of Naseba’s regional offices – including Europe, India, Africa and United States.

In October 2008, he was promoted to the position of Sales Director.

Under his tenure, the team grew to over 100 sales staff worldwide. He has forged partnerships with leading organisations such as Dubai International Film Festival, The International Telecoms Union, Yesser E-Government Program and several emerging market government partnerships including the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Qatar, Czech Republic, Morocco and Malaysia.

In 2012, Nicholas was promoted to Managing Director and head of digital innovation, leading the company’s technological evolution for a new digital world. Since then, under his leadership the company has grown its database tenfold, connected sales and marketing teams and enriched our understanding of client needs.

Prior to joining Naseba, Nicholas graduated with Honours in BSC Visualisation. An avid fitness enthusiast, Nicholas currently resides in Dubai with his wife and 2 children.