Ravano Green Power is part of the Ravano Power Group, managed and directed by its founder, Giovanni Ravano and a management team with a long experience in the energy sector. They manage with success and professionalism both the holding companies of the Group, three subsidiaries in Romania, India, and USA, and Energaia. Ravano Green Power operates in the renewable energy market and energy efficiency field.

The Company objective is to actively contribute to the development of energy policies, preserving the environment, and reducing CO2 emissions. The Group promotes a balanced and distributed generation of clean energy with the reduction of the energy consumption, ensuring a high level of quality standards and the respect of safety policy.

Ravano Green Power is active in the green and white economy, both as Independent Power Producer through 28 owned plants in Italy and Romania (powered by sun, wind, biogas, and water) and as a Services Provider in the Solar sector (PV and CSP) and in the Energy Efficiency field.

The strategy of Ravano Green Power is to increase its investments in the green & white economy, both in Italy and abroad, exporting its business model to those countries where renewable systems and the energy efficiency are supported by local governments.