Dolmen Technologies

Dolmen is a software publisher. We develop a local customer marketing platform which enables retailers to capture, organize and use customer data in a relevant way. The goal is to enhance customer loyalty by building a close relationship with customers based on trust, transparency and personalized communication campaigns. The Dolmen platform enables to capture data from points of sale by broadcasting games on kiosks, on customers’ smartphones or on the internet. Thanks to the creation and the qualification of databases, store owners or chain owners can know their customers better, segment their data and update customer information in the long run. They can also create targeted and personalized communication campaigns – email, SMS, printed mailings or Facebook posts – in a very simple way, from their computer or their smartphone. Local stores, which are the most legitimate to communicate with their customers, can at least manage and use their own data to develop high quality relationship with their customers.
Dolmen was created in 2011. Today, we are 90 people and we have hundreds of clients in France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal. We address the need of all retailers to know their customers and communicate with them better.