Advanced Electronics Company, was established in 1988 under the directives of the Government of Saudi Arabia. AEC is an offset program company and now a recognized leader in the field of modern electronics and ICT manufacturing, systems integration, repair, operation and maintenance services.

AEC is a private sector company to serve local, national, regional and international clients within the defense, telecom and manufacturing industries. The AEC charter includes design, development, manufacturing, the provision of upgrades and logistical support of electronic products & systems.

AEC is a leader in Saudization and having consistently demonstrated the highest integrity in all areas of business and the community, is considered a strategic asset by the Saudi Arabian Government.

AEC is a gateway to highly specialized services, opportunities and offers:

• Access to local and world class engineering, manufacturing, repair, maintenance and complete solution deployment capabilities at its facilities.

• Easy and rapid access to other regional markets, customers and distribution networks.

AEC has demonstrated excellence and shown leadership in the Military, Telecom & Industrial business sectors in which it successfully operates. Above all, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a service package, which guarantees quality and complete satisfaction as standard.