Sarah Alhashimi, is a 24 year old Emirati student at Zayed University, majoring in film and video making. Sarah is the director of the documentary “Lemonade”, a story about the challenges of an autistic adult in the UAE. For her work, Sarah won the “2017 Rising Talent Leader” award at World of Women Film Fair Middle East. Her father, who is also a filmmaker, was the reason why she chose this career. She grew up watching documentaries he had created about the old Dubai and our late father H.H. Sheikh Zayed, may he rest in peace. Sarah was mesmerised and instantly fell in love with the movie industry. One goal that she has set for herself is to follow her father’s example and inspire other people to pursue their passion.


After graduating, she looks forward to working with more industry professional and help grow the community of local filmmakers. She believes in working together towards opening new doors for the current and rising filmmakers both locally and internationally.