My name is Sarah Alhashimi, I am a 23 year old Emirati student at Zayed University, Majoring and Specializing in film and video making, and Director of the Documentary film “Lemonade” that speaks about the challenges of an autistic adult in the UAE. Was awarded the title of “2017 Rising Talent Leader” at World of Women Film Fair Middle East. Before going into film and taking it as my professional career, my father who also chose filmmaking as his profession introduced me to the cinema and film world. I grew up watching documentaries and films he created about our late father “H.H sheikh Zayed (may he rest in peace)” and the old Dubai and instantly saw the beauty of creating films, My father got me hooked into this passion and I hope that one day I inspire people to peruse their passion just like my father did with me. Upon my graduation from University I look forward to working with more filmmakers to help grow this little community of local filmmakers into something more publicly acknowledged in our society. I want us to work together and open doors for more filmmakers and potential films to create more room for opportunities both locally and internationally.