GSK started the WLI at global level with the objective of providing GSK female employees with the right resources to realize their aspirations and contribute to the business and to effectively empower them to realize their full potential without limitations. GSK’WLI is focusing on three pillars: connect, engage and develop. Along with other initiatives the WLI’s aim is to make GSK the best place to work by embracing Diversity & Inclusion in the work place to create a positive impact on the business.

Rania joined the GSK GCC WLI chapter as the lead since its inception in 2016. Rania has an experience in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 13 years. Her experience includes roles in different areas of the business-like sales, marketing and trade channel.

Rania joined GSK in 2004 and has progressed in her career since then and is now Global Market Access Manager as part of the company’s global talent program.

Rania is an honours graduate with a BS in Pharmacy from BAU-Lebanon as well as a MBA from SBS.