Halah Alhamrani is the first female kickboxing and boxing trainer in Saudi Arabia, residing in Jeddah. She has 28 years of experience practicing all styles of Martial Arts including Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and kickboxing, with certifications in both CrossFit (level 2) and Calisthenics (level 1) She runs her own private gym in Jeddah called “Flagboxing”. “Flagboxing”, which stands for Fight Like A Girl Boxing, is the first female boxing/kickboxing gym in Saudi Arabia. By creating the gym, Halah is not only encouraging women within the Kingdom to be more active and engaged, but also teaching them to be persevering to reach their goals. After graduating from high school in Jeddah, she moved to San Diego, where she majored in environmental studies and minored in international relations. Halah grew up with a tremendous support from her family and recognizes the importance of strong female role models in a girl’s life.
Halah has attended various workshops around the world with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry including, Ido Portal, Yuval Ayalon, Steve Maxwell, Einar Svinland, Jon Yuen and Kenneth Gallarzo.