Dr. Jouher is Deputy CEO, Chief of Corporate Excellence at Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank a Jordanian industry leader in Islamic Banking.

Dr. Jouher possesses over 20 years of diversified experience in Canada, South Korea, GCC, and Jordan in the fields of management, corporate strategies, corporate culture development & formation, human capital management, EFQM excellence model, quality management, ISO, organizational development, corporate performance excellence, corporate governance, business planning, change management, corporate communication & marketing and corporate services.

Dr. Jouher is best described as intuitive change catalyst who is passionate about enabling businesses maximize their returns by focusing mainly on the strategic guidance of their talents and through managing efficient utilization of their resources. Through his career, Dr. Jouher is determined to continuously helping individuals make the most of their jobs & creating future leaders. In addition to his accomplishments in HCM & Corporate Excellence, he is eager to share his expertise and studies through supporting businesses, nonprofit organizations and educational entities reaching their best.

An industry icon and determined change leader, Author and researcher, Haitham holds a PHD degree in Management and International Relations.