Passionate about helping children and youth to fulfil their potential, Chantel is a Director at PDSi Kids, a BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate and certified Coach.
Chantel began her professional career in the financial sector; after a decade of successfully working within global banking institutions, she decided to expand her horizons and pursue her interest in coaching and psychology. After completing her degree and certifications, she began practicing as a Coach, quickly establishing a strong reputation and a great rapport with her clients.
Retaining skills and experiences from her corporate career, Chantel has combined these with her training and passion for coaching to develop her own approach to working with clients and empowering them to tackle challenges and drive their professional and personal lives in a new, more positive direction.
Chantel has extensive experience working with children and young adults. Chantel helps them to strengthen and develop their leadership and professional skills in order to thrive and compete in the corporate environment. She has a great desire for developing their unraveled talents and helping them to discover their strengths, their qualities and how to utilize it more consistently. She provides her students with tools and techniques that will equip them in the present and in the future, so that they will be more accountable for exceeding their goals accompanied by invaluable support. Chantel believes the quality of thinking is the key to professional success.