Briar Prestidge is the CEO and founder of Briar Prestidge International, a high-profile PR and media production agency. Working with world leaders, top CEOs, government, celebrities and strategists, Briar is an expert in ‘new-age PR.’ A qualified digital marketer with an international career spanning across Dubai, New York, London and Australia, Briar produces many regional and international, podcast and video series.

In recognition for her work, in 2019 Briar was selected to compete on an Amazon Prime TV series called The Social Movement, where entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors from all over the globe are tasked with building a company in four days that solves a socio-economic issue. She is flying to Montreal on July 1st to take part.

Speaking on global stages, Briar delivers engaging keynotes and workshops on “no-fluff” social media strategies, entrepreneurship, and building an online-offline reputation.

Briar “practices what she preaches” and has built an engaged business community, online and offline. Over 2000 people have attended her live, Dubai-based talk show, Deals in High Heels which encourages a supportive community, lifelong learning and explores the new-age revolution of feminine leadership.

As a young entrepreneur originally from a small farm in New Zealand, Briar is driven to inspire people to invest in their lifelong learning, to be strategic and work hard for your dreams. Her first book, ‘Building A Reputation for Success’ is being launched this year.

Briar is designing a sunglasses label under the Briar Prestidge Group and has co-founded a fashion fitness label called Tightz where she heads brand and marketing.