Adda is a professional actress. She regularly tours Europe with the theatre company ‘Theatre of Eternal Values’ performing ‘Shakespeare’s Women’.
Adda incorporates performance tools in her work as a trainer and facilitator, resulting in dynamic training sessions and a valuable, active learning experience. Over the last 15 years, she has built up extensive experience training a variety of clients – from government ministries and banks, to universities and schools, and multinationals like DLL and ASML. Sessions are tailor-made for each group, whether politicians, IT specialists and managers, or students and teachers.
She developed “Shakespeare and the Power of Presence” as a combination of performance and lecture. Engaging actively with the audience.
This production was carried out in Amsterdam, London, New York and Philadelphia.
Adda is passionate about sharing the knowledge she has gathered the past 20 years. Not only does she use performance tools based on body, breath and voice, but she also helps people to develop a strong and authentic ‘Presence’.