SEDCO Capital is an asset management company headquartered in Saudi Arabia, with operations around the globe. SEDCO Capital has been in operation since 1976 and in early 2010 was relaunched as a standalone asset management company.”

SEDCO Capital is one of only a few firms globally offering a full range of sophisticated services in asset management including asset allocation, real estate, private equity, public equity, liquidity instruments, agriculture, timber, and commodities that conform to Shariah, SEDCO Capital is now emerging as a pioneer in combining ESG investment standards along with its Shariah fundamentals in many of its investments – the requirements to meet the environmental, socially responsible, and corporate governance standards that are the basis of the United Nations’ 2005 Principles for Responsible Investment.

SEDCO Capital’s unique client-partnership concept, extensive scope of services, and impressive record of investment performance combine to distinguish the Company from traditional investment firms.

In addition to the diverse asset class (including public equity, international and local real estate, private equity, commodities and timber) and wide geographic reach (including the US, Europe, Asia and South America) SEDCO Capital ensures that we offer our clients Shariah compliant opportunities that provide returns based on a solid track record and well thought through, innovative strategies that fit their interests.

Leadership in the investment industry is true to SEDCO Capital’s roots and the corporate philosophy that it has cultivated over its longer heritage, stretching back to 1976 and the founding of SEDCO.

As a proud provider of fully Shariah-compliant investment opportunities, SEDCO Capital gives its sophisticated clients the peace of mind that stems from knowing that all their investments go through a comprehensive Shariah screening and monitoring process.