Sahara Net is the No. 1 Information and Communications Technology Provider (ICT) in Saudi Arabia offering Connectivity, Internet, Hosting, Cloud, Security & Optimization solutions.

Sahara Net is a local Saudi Company, offering the Saudi Market Internet and other related services in the field of Connectivity, Internet, Cloud, Hosting, Security, Optimization and Managed Services.

Sahara Net was established back in 1989 as a hobby Bulletin Board Service (BBS) to serve IT professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By 1994, Sahara Net became the first company in Saudi Arabia to offer Internet and E-Mail services to the public. This has lead to a wide-spread of Sahara Net services all over the Kingdom. Today, we are a leading ICT & Telecom Provider in the region and looking forward to expand in the telecom and IT services sectors. Sahara Net seeks horizontal and vertical growth by expanding in ICT services and acquiring established growing know-how and businesses. Basically, the positive possibilities are endless with Sahara Net.

We summarize ourselves as a Saudi Arabian based ICT that provides internet connectivity solutions such as, DSL, leased lines, web & application hosting, wireless, VSAT, fiber optics and other internet related solutions. Sahara net has comprehensive connectivity solutions, network security solutions, a data center that complies with international standards.