Kuwait International Bank (KIB) is a bank that operates according to the Islamic Shari’ah, based in the State of Kuwait. Incorporated in 1973, and originally known as Kuwait Real Estate Bank, KIB made the transition to its current Islamic operating model in 2007.

KIB is a full service Bank operating through a network of 26 full-fledged branches spread across Kuwait, offering a broad range of banking products, services and solutions in accordance with the principles of the Islamic Shari’ah. The Bank’s mission and vision also encompasses a leading social responsibility program that aims at supporting Kuwait’s society by spearheading a multitude of initiatives and activities.

In 2015, KIB embarked on a comprehensive strategic plan, aimed at improving the Bank’s performance indicators, as well as enhancing the quality of its products and services. The strategy focuses on propelling the Bank to the forefront of the Kuwaiti banking sector.

KIB is in the midst of a new strategic transformation: a comprehensive and long-term program which is aimed at transforming the way KIB engages with customers across every touch point and communication channel. This new strategy focuses on offering a next-level customer experience that delivers much more than just “banking” in the traditional sense – but rather establishes KIB as a partner in every aspect of its customers’ lives; a true “bank for life”.

KIB is currently included in the Premier market category of Kuwait Stock Exchange and also in the MSCI frontier market index.

KIB’s achievements have also been recognised by various international agencies. These include “Best Islamic Bank in Kuwait” from World Finance, “Best Sharia Compliant Bank – MENA” from Cfi.co and “Best Banking Vision” from CPI Financial. Forbes ME included KIB in the top 50 listed companies of Kuwait.

Fitch ratings has affirmed KIB’s Long-term Issuer Default Rating at ‘A+’ with a stable outlook in 2017.