Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through our networks. We enable the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt, and scale, making our customers successful in a fully connected world.

Ericsson’s digital wallet offering, the Ericsson Wallet Platform is a mobile wallet solution that lets people conduct banking transactions with ease, directly from their mobile device. With four times as many mobile subscribers as people with bank accounts, it’s an opportunity to conveniently bring banking to billions across the globe. The Ericsson Wallet Platform allows users to store, transfer and withdraw money, paying merchants and utility providers as well as using financial services like saving and loan.

With an open and published API first technology, the Ericsson Wallet Platform is the core of the mobile financial services eco-system. The Ericsson Wallet Platform combines the high performance telco-level standards together with secure financial banking capabilities into one platform. The Ericsson Wallet Platform enables hundreds and millions of financial transactions regularly through it’s system globally today. Ericsson provides a full suite of services including technology, deployment and operational services with all needed expertise for the Ericsson Wallet Platform in an Dev-Ops setup enabling a fast and reliable solution.