Cryptocurrency is a new industry within Fintech, based on Blockchain technology. It is the future money. The crypto market capitalisation soared 13,5 times the last 1 year. CORION Wallet has been developed for the mainstream users, for the millions who will enter the crypto world in the upcoming years. Its high security standards, user-friendly interface, and multi-currency functions make it attractive and convenient for new users to join, especially because the backup system is highly scalable and ready to receive high number of users. The high scalability is a source of further growth, and also an indicator how profitable the system is.
A multi currency wallet is a significant achievement by itself. CORION is a valuable member among BTC, ETH, ETC being the very first stable price coin based on demand, and additionally the new coins are fairly distributed as well. It will trigger the massive adoption of CORION wallet especially because all COR holders use it.