CERTGATE (www.certgate.com), is one of the leading German security technology innovators and a well-known vendor for mobile security products. CERTGATE is a long term member of international leading IT security alliances including „IT Security Made in Germany“.

Global leading companies, governments and the largest German public entity, the national German job office, securing their mobile communication by using certgate’s patented technology and products.

Distributed through global partners, CERTGATE’s products enable true protection from black hat hackers, mobile data leakage and non-authorized governmental intrusion attempts. They are used globally to secure international mobile communication networks and mobile data storage.

The all new “cgPhone” onPremise solution provides truly secure and encrypted mobile iOS & Android communication for any corporate and organisation any time, anywhere. Easy to use, easy to implement – trusted by international governments.

Available as a service, the global available “cgNetwork”, a secure mobile network for encrypted, highly secure mobile communication, including voice, messaging, mail and file transfer provides “secure communication as a service”.

For securing existing or new mobile infrastructures, CERTGATE’s certified and patented “cgCard”, a SD-Card smart-card and the patent pending wireless “cgToken”, are compatible to all relevant mobile platforms, i.e. Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, including desktop platforms, i.e. Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Regardless if you are looking for mobile security as an easy to implement and use onPremise solution, serviced network or increasing your existing mobile app security with certified safety – CERTGATE will be more than happy to support your strategy and business.